Dark Energy as Evidence for Extra Dimensions by Milton, Kimball A

By Milton, Kimball A

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Content material: Pt. 1. technology and democracy -- pt. 2. Citizen-oriented deliberative approaches -- pt. three. Stakeholder-oriented deliberative approaches -- pt. four. a side of a extra democratic technology : the way forward for deliberative procedures on nanotechnology and different rising applied sciences

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When the mechanism is planesymmetric and is used as a constant velocity shaft coupling, it is the joint of Koenigs [1]. We focus on the special case of a RC-//-RC mechanism which has a plane of symmetry at its home posture because very special properties appear in that case. The end body in RC-//-RC parallel chain is the coupler of the corresponding RC CR four-bar linkage. The coupler moves with 1-DoF translation. The trajectory of each point belonging to the coupler is a curve. Because of the coupler translation, all the trajectories are congruent curves.

Z. Salvi et al. The next section discusses the role of these constraints and suggests further advances in the enumeration of metamorphic robots. 1 Further Advances in Enumeration of Metamorphic Robots As discussed at the beginning of Sect. 4 and shown in Fig. 4 in the enumeration of metamorphic robot mechanical constraints cannot be neglected, especially because with a relatively large number of modules this problem becomes intractable. An important question at this point is: what other constraints should be considered?

J Mech Des 130:074501(1–4) 8. Yang TL (2004) Topology structure design of robot mechanisms. China Machine Press, Beijing 9. Li SJ, Wang DL, Dai JS (2009) Topology of kinematic chains with loops and orientation of joints axes. Chin Mech Eng 25(6):34–40 10. Li SJ, Dai SJ (2010) Configuration transformation matrix of metamorphic mechanisms and joint-orientation change metamorphic method. Chin Mech Eng 21(14):1698–1703 11. Li SJ, Dai JS (2010) Structure of metamorphic mechanisms based on augmented assur groups.

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