Closet Cultivator: Indoor Marijuana Cultivation Made Easy by Ed Rosenthal

By Ed Rosenthal

Written in transparent, easy-to-understand language for the beginner grower, Closet Cultivator is the last word mystery turning out to be advisor. the writer discusses lights, food, water platforms, efficiency, and extra, and he exhibits find out how to identify a high-yield backyard in a constrained area -- and on a restricted budget.

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It is inert and easy to use. It releases no deleterious fibers into the environment. The problem with floral foam is that horticultural grades come only in small cubes. The larger blocks which are used for floral arrangements have been treated with a preservative which is not good for growing plants. Before these blocks are used they should be well rinsed with water to remove the chemicals. FOAM RUBBER - (such as the stuff used for mattresses) is lightweight and holds a lot of water and air. It is inert and easy to use in either the block form or as chips in a container.

COMPOST - is an earthy smelling almost black crumbly mixture containing decayed plant matter. it is teeming with life and although not necessarily high in nutrients, it provides a rich environment for the roots. It is acidic unless limed. Some commercial composts are nothing more than chopped up dried plant matter. This material may add some organic matter to the soil, but is not the same as real compost. WORM CASTINGS - is compost digested by worms. As they digest the ingredients they concentrate them so that the nutrients are readily available to the plants.

The smaller used piece is placed on top of the larger new piece. The roots grow into the new block. All of the substrates support fast vigorous growth. ROCKWOOL - is the most popular substrate. Originally it was used as an insulating material in home construction. Then commercial greenhouse growers in Europe started to use it for their crops. Rockwool looks a lot like fiberglass. It is made by heating rock and extruding it into thin threads. Rockwool comes in prepressed blocks and filled bags. It is lightweight and it holds a tremendous amount of water, more than soil, but allows plenty of air in.

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