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However the police could exercise the same co=on law power to prevent a breach of the peace by arresting, instructions having failed to produce results. Dibble v Ingleton (1972) and Johnson v Phillips (1975). See respectively Piddington v Bates (1960), Tynan v Balmer (1967), and Kavanagh v Hiscock (1974). 39. If the police can legally prevent lawful acts by prospective pickets, it follows that they can similarly restrain those seeking to cross picket lines - a point to which we must return in due course.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10 . 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. year. Interview quoted in Crick (1985: 88). Select Committee Report (1982); Monopolies and Mergers Commission (1983). A helpful summary of some of the arguments on this issue is given in Lloyd (1985: 29-31). We do not suggest that the government and NCB were unaware of, or necessarily unsym­ pathetic to, the wider economic or social considerations; indeed palliatives were offered, most importantly a guarantee of alternative employment for those displaced by the disputed pit closures who wished to stay in the industry.

The Employment Act amended the statutory immunity for picketing, which had previously covered all purely peaceful picketing in furtherance of a trade dispute; henceforth only picketing at the pickets' own place of work was protected. 2 1 This does not mean, as is commonly believed, that all other forms of picketing are unlawful. However the Act expressly removed civil immunity from other Background: economic, political, and legal issues 29 forms of picketing (and from certain kinds of secondary action which might be taken in the course of a dispute).

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