Bar Barakah by Craig Hil

By Craig Hil

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Yep, he's chosen Choice B," Bill thought, as he returned back down stairs to continue reading the book in which he had become engrossed. The next morning, as Bob come down for breakfast, he was shocked to be greeted pleasantly by his father. Bill continued in pleasant conversation asking Bob about the day he had planned. " Bob told him about various classes and activities for the day. He mentioned that he would be home at about 6:00 pm after soccer practice. His father then remarked, "God sure has gifted you at soccer, Bob.

I believe that in His humanity, Jesus experienced the same type of insecurities and fears that we do. If there was any insecurity, unsettledness or doubts left about His identity or destiny, I believe that these things were absolutely set to rest at the Jordan River when The Father pronounced publicly for all to hear, "You are My beloved Son. " I believe that this blessing from His heavenly Father gave Jesus the confidence and strength to walk in His true identity in ministry and fulfill His destiny on Earth.

At some point in His childhood He must have begun to recognize that He was different from all the other kids. He was entertaining thoughts such as "I am God. " This must have been very peculiar for Him. " With whom could He counsel? Who could understand? Can you imagine going to the Rabbi, "Excuse me, Rabbi, but I have been thinking some very strange thoughts recently. I have had the thoughts that I actually am God, Himself. " Perhaps His mother was the only person who could really understand what life might have been like for Jesus.

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