Boy of Their Dreams (Carter High Chronicles (Highinterest by Eleanor Robins

By Eleanor Robins

To be used IN colleges AND LIBRARIES basically. maintains the tales from Carter excessive Chronicles and introduces new characters. issues pertinent to teenagers like romance, activities, friendship, assessments, paintings, and relatives are all touched upon. each one novel is forty eight pages.

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Fran said, “He likes you. ” Kim said. Fran said “Yes. ” Kim asked. Maybe Fran knew he liked her. 40 Maybe that was why she asked him. Maybe it would be OK to date him. Fran said, “I like Clay a lot. And you are my best friend. ” They liked each other. That was for sure. Fran said, “Clay helped me with math today. He is so nice. ” That surprised Kim. ” Did he plan to date both girls? Fran said, “No. I just gave it to him. He hasn’t asked me for a date in class. So I gave him my number. In case he doesn’t like to ask for a date at school.

Wish me luck, Kim,” Fran said. “Good luck, Fran,” Kim said. But Kim could not say she hoped Clay called Fran. Why did they have to like the same boy? 44 Kim was glad to get home. She needed more time to think. She was glad she didn’t have volleyball practice. What should she do? Maybe she should tell Fran. Maybe Fran would tell her it was OK to date Clay. Fran might tell her that. But Kim knew Fran would not mean it. Fran liked Clay too much for it to be OK. The phone rang. It was too soon for Clay to call.

How could she turn down a date with him? But how could she date Clay? Fran liked him so much too. Kim needed some time to think about what she was going to do. 43 Chapter 8 After lunch Kim did try to keep her mind on her work. But she could not do it. All she could think about was Clay. And about what she should do. She saw Fran after her last class. Fran said, “I can hardly wait to get home. Clay just has to call. ” Kim couldn’t tell Fran that Clay said he would call her. And not Fran. “Wish me luck, Kim,” Fran said.

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