Biogas Plants in Animal Husbandry: A Practical Guide by Ulrich Stohr, Uli Werner

By Ulrich Stohr, Uli Werner

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Cooking, lighting, Fig. 1: Balancingthe energy demand with the biogas production (Source: C)EKOTOP) t t t Digester volume - size of plant cooling, power generation, etc. With deference to the general orientation of this manual, emphasis is placed on determining the energy demand of a typical family farm. Experience shows that parallel calculations according to different methods can be useful in avoiding errors in calculating the gas/ energy demand. 1: Outline for determining biogas demand (Source: OEKOTOP) Energy consumers data 1.

With a view to improving the overall effect of slurry fertilizer under the prevailing local boundary conditions, the implementation of a biogas project should include demonstration trials aimed at developing a regionally appropriate mode of digested-slurry application. 6 - Selected Literature. 2 tons of, say, sorghum or peanuts. Depending on the nutritive content of the digested slurr--, 3-6 t of solid substance per hectare will be required to cover the deficit. For slurry with a moisture content of 90%, the required quantity comes to 30-60 t per hectare and year.

Total biogasdemand 1St-priority consumers 2nd-priority consumers 3rd-priority consumers ............... ............... 37 The following alternative modes of calculation are useful; Determining biogas demand on the basis of present consumption . g. for ascertaining the cooking-energy demand. This involves either measuring or inquiring as to the present rate of energy consumption in the form of wood/charcoal, kerosene and/or bottled gas. g. biogas consumption per person and meal, -- reference data taken from pertinent literature (cf.

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