Behind the door of delusion by Marle Woodson

By Marle Woodson

In the back of the Door of myth is the memoir of a journalist whose associates devoted him to an Oklahoma psychological clinic within the early Nineteen Thirties in a determined try and remedy him of alcoholism. it's a robust and unusual social statement on Depression-era the United States that gives perception into political and financial forces affecting a ignored underclass.

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And he was such a likable fellow. He never bothered me with his troubles. I turn back to my worknot my regular duties on the wardI am through with them for daybut to a careful re-reading of what I have ploddingly written during the long months that I have been here. I have been studying it, trying to see it as others would see it. I have been a long time in writing it, doggedly plugging away at it day after day, dragging the words to express it out of a mind which was ineffably weary, suddenly reluctant to respond.

You'll get along all right. " I groped at the words. " I asked. The man eyed me in frank disdain. " he asked. I answered that I was a newspaper man. "You in the newspaper game and don't know what stir fever is? Well after you've been locked up long enough you'll know," was the haughty retort. "You'll get tired of being locked up so long, then you'll have bad spells of restlessness and you'll sit around gloomy all day wondering how to get out of here. Sure you will. All of 'em do. " Page 20 His tone made me blush for my ignorance.

Woodson began writing his book as soon as he emerged from the initial stages of alcohol withdrawal. 9Whether sobriety or inspiration made it so, Behind the Door of Delusion would become Marle Woodson's masterpiece. Woodson advertised it to Macmillan as containing "plenty of pathos . . "'10 Though the editors at Macmillan were sufficiently impressed to request the manuscript, nothing in Woodson's letter of inquiry could have prepared them for his portraits of Whizbang Mabel, the Amazon who invented original vulgarities whenever she spoke; of Blondy, the demented man who kept trying to escape through he kitchen door; of the Concrete Man and the Spider, who thought that was what they were; of Talking Louis, issuing instructions to the British royal family through an imaginary young woman; or of the beknighted patient who played both parts in a prizefight and ended each performance by knocking himself out.

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