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B It was the first time shots were fired between the Americans and the British. C It was the last time the Americans and Spanish fought together against the British. D It was the last time British soldiers were on American soil. 2 Who was Nathan Hale? A British officer B French king C American spy D Spanish merchant 3 Which colony was NOT represented at the First Continental Congress? A New York B Georgia C New Hampshire D Virginia 4 Which document changed the colonies into states? A Mayflower Compact B Articles of Confederation C Constitution D Declaration of Independence 5 What was one action the colonists used to get the British to repeal the Stamp Act in 1766?

Tip: Look carefully at the map. Think about what it shows. Refer to the map after you read each question. Be sure you read all the answer choices before you choose an answer. 1 Where did the British go to directly from Boston? A Watertown B Waltham C Medford D Concord 2 Where was the end of the route that the British took? A Lexington B Charlestown C Boston D Watertown 3 Which river is closest to Medford? indd 48 4 What is the most likely reason the British soldiers looped back on the same road they had just traveled?

A John Adams B Samuel Huntington C George Washington D Benjamin Lincoln 2 Which two candidates each got 6 electoral votes? indd 54 3 What is the most likely reason the election of 1789 was an historic event? A It was the first time American and British citizens voted together. B It was the first election of an American president. C It was the only time there were more than two candidates. D It was the only time that people voted to elect a president. 4 Which candidate became the vice president?

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