Airfare of Today and the Future [air combat] by E. Middleton

By E. Middleton

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Inclement weather renders flying impossible. Of all these elements, wind affects flying most. It is a matter to do with the speed of the craft over the surface of the earth. , but is influenced solely by the power of the engine. In reality the speed of that machine might be ten miles over the ground, that is to say it might be flying ten miles in a back- ward is direction. The wind against which it is flying one of ninety miles, or ten more per hour than maximum its speed. Fog is a most dangerous condition to the airman.

He flies his craft, not as a machine, but as being one tangible body of which he himself forms part there are it ; knowing many in its every all its mood, and, and humouring flying by a peculiarities such faults and tricks ; incidentally, sense of touch. The aspirant to flying honours must be neither too tall nor too short. This is a matter to do with the steering of the machine. Be he the former, he will find himself cramped in the confined space between the pilot's seat and the rudder-bar. Be he the latter, he will find that his legs will not be long enough to reach that most important adjunct.

The last zero is omitted in all numbers to avoid crowding/' Another deterrent to flying an accurate course are cross-currents of air. To avoid this difficulty, it is usual for the pilot to plot out a true course by mathematics preparatory to leaving the ground, making due allowance for the cross-currents and the mileage. C. still persist in talking of flying at so many miles an hour. How much better it would ! sound than saying an aeroplane was making fifty miles an hour, to say, it was making forty-five knots never knots an hour.

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