A Season in Carcosa by Joseph S. Pulver

By Joseph S. Pulver

While Joe Pulver approached S. T. Joshi approximately doing an anthology like his now-famous tome Black Wings, just for Robert Chambers' King in Yellow, Joshi had just one factor to say:

"You do it, Joe."

So he did.

And right here it's: A Season In Carcosa.

H.P. Lovecraft. Karl Edgar Wagner. Peter Straub. these are some of the names that stand tall in our style and by way of Robert W. Chambers and his King in Yellow they agree, Chambers' beguiling stories of the King In Yellow and Carcosa are probably the greatest in "weird" fiction. Miskatonic River Press and Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. are proud and thrilled to give an anthology of all new stories encouraged by way of Chambers.

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That’s why the imagination exists. Mostly, people can’t get the real things they want. ” The algae-eaters threaded through the skulls. They seemed to multiply before our eyes as they devoured crumbs of excrement . . It took some convincing. But eventually my daughter talked me into it. We stripped to our underwear and climbed a ladder that ran up the aquarium’s exterior, its rungs cold and sharp on the soles of our feet. “I wish we had snorkels,” my daughter said. “Lungs are good enough,” I replied.

As always, they took turns. When the operation was over, I cleared my throat, did a handstand, and gestured at the clock with my toes. They frowned at each other, then yawned and turned off the lights. THE WOMB A child’s mother wouldn’t allow him to crawl back into her womb. He cried an ocean of tears. “The world hurts,” the child had said. “I’m on my period,” the mother had replied. And so he began to cry. He cried for years, bobbing like a cork in the surf of his misery. Finally the mother rowed out to him in a boat.

He asked for my insurance card. I gave it to him. He asked for my co-payment. I gave it to him. He told a technician to get my medicine. She saluted him, ducked into an aisle and returned with a jar of dill pickles. She handed it to me. “Dills for thrills,” the pharmacist droned. They said goodbye in unison and a chain-link fence slammed onto the counter like a guillotine. Grimacing, I twisted open the pickle jar and ate one of the baby dills inside. It was sweet. • I fell down. My fingers clenched the pavement.

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