A Dictionary of Weights, Measures, and Units by Donald Fenna

By Donald Fenna

This accomplished and authoritative dictionary presents transparent definitions of devices, prefixes, and types of weights and measures in the Systeme overseas (SI), in addition to conventional, and industry-specific devices. it's also common ancient and clinical heritage, masking the advance of the sequential definitions and sizing of devices. This new reference paintings will turn out valuable to expert scientists, engineers, technicians in addition to to scholars and the final consumer.

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1231 bn. See billion. 7~ cm3,144 in3). Usually applied to undressed size for dressed material. Identical with the "^shipping cubic inch. See also FBM. '11' body mass index health The ratio of a person's mass in kilograms to the square of their height in metres. Providing a rough correction for mass relative to height, it is approximately 20 for a 'trim' person, 25 for overweight, 30 for obese. e. engineering Barrel of oil equivalent. f. Each form of fossil fuel varies markedly in energy content per unit volume or mass.

See also relative volumic mass. , paper and printing See paper size. BSI [British Standards Institute] photography See film speed. B. U. u. u, Btu electromagnetics UK See Board of Trade unit. U. in UK to differentiate it from fBoard of Trade unit) The energy required to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. Since the precise amount is dependent on the starting temperature, any use of the term requires an acknowledgement of this. g. e. ^ of the energy required to raise 1 pound of liquid water from freezing point to boiling point.

Sub-atomic physics USA For reactivity, ^ dollar. 000 578~; for frequencies/! 314- x loglo (/2//i). Compare fcenti-octave, which has 100 units to the octave. 46~ Ib). 359~ kg) = (short) hundredweight. 359~ kg), usually for grains; British (long) hundredweight of 112 Ib, called also quintal. '28' centare [cent- + are] Symbol ca. area. Metric ^ are = 1m2. centesimal With divisor/multiplier steps of 100. Compare decimal. centesimal degree temperature See Celsius. plane angle -^ "^revolution. See grade.

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