Bash Guide For Beginners by Machtelt Garrels

By Machtelt Garrels

Even if you are simply beginning out with Linux or seeking to hone your present abilities, this publication provides you with the data you wish.

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5. Exercises This exercise will help you to create your first script. 1. Write a script using your favorite editor. The script should display the path to your homedirectory and the terminal type that you are using. Additionally it shows all the services started up in runlevel 3 on your system. d/S*) 2. Add comments in your script. 3. Add information for the users of your script. 4. Change permissions on your script so that you can run it. 5. Run the script in normal mode and in debug mode. It should run without errors.

All tokens in the expression undergo parameter expansion, command substitution, and quote removal. Arithmetic substitutions may be nested. Evaluation of arithmetic expressions is done in fixed−width integers with no check for overflow − although division by zero is trapped and recognized as an error. The operators are roughly the same as in the C programming language. In order of decreasing precedence, the list looks like this: Table 3−4. Arithmetic operators Operator Meaning VAR++ and VAR−− variable post−increment and post−decrement ++VAR and −−VAR variable pre−increment and pre−decrement − and + unary minus and plus !

2. This file contains a function, pskill; functions will be studied in detail in Chapter 11. 2. Individual user configuration files I don't have these files?! These files might not be in your home directory by default; create them if needed. 1. bash_profile This is the preferred configuration file for configuring user environments individually. bash_profile file # # # # Executed from the bash shell when you log in. bash_login case "$OS" in IRIX) stty sane dec stty erase ;; # SunOS) # stty erase # ;; *) stty sane ;; esac This user configures the backspace character for login on different operating systems.

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