Aslan (Traveller Alien Module 1) by J. Andrew Keith, John Harshman, Marc Miller

By J. Andrew Keith, John Harshman, Marc Miller

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A region on Syareahtaorl comes from Loakhtarl clan will be happy to cooperate and to direct it to Hrirohryukh and thus to Akoaft. Akoaft may be too busy to receive the group initially, but upon discovering that Aikhaheh is with them should meet with them immediately. This meeting marks the beginning to the end of the adventure, as Akoaft listens attentively and then agrees to return to llekhahke to assume the ko of the Loakhtarl clan. He intends to merge the two clans (Loakhtarl and Hkastahistoti) once he assumes the ko, and to recruit settlers for his treasure world in the Rift.

Throw 10+ for representatives of the Aslan's clan to be present on a specific world. DM + 1 if local population 9 + , DM + 1 if local government type H, DM + 2 if Aslan is member of one of the 29 clans. DM -1 per sector distant from homeworld of his clan. Swapping Stories: Aslan with time on their dewclaws enjoy telling stories of their exploits and adventures. During the long days of a space journey, the passengers (and crew with no immediate jobs to perform) meet in the galley or central lounge and take turns telling stories of what they have seen, what they have done, and what they plan to do.

No weaponry is initially installed. A 95-ton shuttle (capable of transporting 20 passengers and 55 tons of cargo) is carried as ship's vehicle. Cargo capacity is 137 tons, but the shuttle cargo bay is generally filled as well, increasing capacity to 192 tons. The ship is unstreamlined. The transport requires a crew of six: pilot, navigator, three engineers, and purser. Stewards must be added if nobles are carried. A medic may be added if desired. Gunners can be added if the ship is armed. The ship can carry up to 1 9 passengers and thirty low passengers.

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