Conversion of Coal-Fired Power Plants to Cogeneration and by Ryszard Bartnik

By Ryszard Bartnik

Conversion of Coal-Fired strength Plant to Cogeneration and Combined-Cycle provides the method, calculation methods and instruments used to help company making plans for adapting strength stations to cogeneration and combined-cycle forms.

The authors research the optimal choice of the constitution of warmth exchangers in a 370 MW strength block, the constitution of warmth restoration steam turbines and fuel generators. Conversion of Coal-Fired energy Plant to Cogeneration and Combined-Cycle additionally addresses the issues of changing latest strength vegetation to dual-fuel gas-steam combined-cycle applied sciences coupled with parallel structures.

Conversion of Coal-Fired energy Plant to Cogeneration and Combined-Cycle is an informative monograph written for researchers, postgraduate scholars and coverage makers in energy engineering.

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The mass streams m_ HPR and m_ LPR form a considerable share of the fresh steam stream m_ 1 produced in the steam boiler (in the above cases we assume a constant value for all analyzed cases (Fig. 3a, b, c). Practically speaking, the entire internal load of the power plant related to steam is equal to m_ HPR þ m_ dea þ m_ LPR ffi 0:3m_ 1 while m_ HPR ffi m_ LPR and m_ dea ffi 0:03m_ 1 : From Eq. 28 it stems that if the heating steam stream m_ h fulfills the relation m_ h \m_ HPR h3 À hk þ m_ LPR À Dm_ dea hu À hk ð2:31Þ the power of the steam turbine in a combined system repowered by a gas turbine ST (Fig.

E. when T6 = T7) is equal to: À DTlog Á cond ¼ DTp À DTk DT ln DTpk ¼ ðT6 À Tw1KQ1 Þ À ðT6 À Tw2KQ1 Þ : T6 À Tw1KQ1 ln T6 À Tw2KQ1 ð3:22Þ The calculations of the saturation temperature T6 and the corresponding saturation pressure p6 are concluded after the required precision of the calculations is obtained. 1 System Boundary No. 2 System Boundary No. 3 System Boundary No. 4 System Boundary No. 5 System Boundary No. 6 System Boundary No. 7 System Boundary No. 8 System Boundary No. 9 System Boundary No.

11 Internal efficiency of the LP section of the turbine in the function of steam stream into LP casing it was assumed that the pressure losses are constant in them. 5). For the pipelines joining the turbine with HP heaters the calculated pressure drops in the function of the mass stream of steam through them are presented in Figs. 13. The product of heat transfer coefficient and heating surface (kFn) has been determined for each of the heaters for the operation of the power unit with the rated capacity NelST ¼ 370 MW: They can be considered as constant over the entire range of the variability of water and steam mass flows.

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