Complete Idiot's Guide to Yoga with Kids by Jodi Komitor, Eve Adamson

By Jodi Komitor, Eve Adamson

Children will like to use their mind's eye to pose as a tree, a tiger, a butterfly, and plenty of different positions to advertise stretching, focus, creativity, and mind's eye. With this instructive ebook, mom and dad can event the advantages and enjoyable of yoga with young children at the present time.

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These people in India taught what they had learned to their children, and those children passed the lessons on to the next generation, and so on and so on. Now, thousands of years later, we still do yoga for all the same reasons: to feel good, to be strong, to stay healthy, to think clearly, and to know ourselves better. Yoga Stories Today, doing yoga in India, where yoga originated, is a lot like doing yoga in the United States. Grownups do it, and kids do it, too, to feel better, stay healthier, and have better concentration.

While hormones rage and school and life seem disaster ridden, a daily yoga practice can be an oasis of tranquility and personal achievement. Even when nothing else seems to be working, teens can return to yoga and find that they can move easily and gracefully through the Sun Dance. And everything suddenly seems a little sunnier. You’ll Love Yoga, Too! Maybe you still think yoga is too hard, or even too easy. Too boring? Too challenging? You can’t do it because you just aren’t that flexible? Chapter 1 ➤ Why Yoga Is Great for Kids We can almost guarantee that you will love yoga.

For Grownups, Too! If you’ve ever sat back and watched your infant play and explore, you may be astounded at how flexible she is. How effortless it seems for her to reach up and grab her toes. What a simple matter to raise her head and legs and rock on her tummy. You may feel stiff and inflexible in comparison. Regular yoga practice can help to bring back some of that flexibility in your fully grown adult body. Infants can do yoga in a more structured way than simply figuring it out on their own, however.

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