Coastal Management in Australia by Nick Harvey and Brian Caton

By Nick Harvey and Brian Caton

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This project (and the South Pacific Sea Level and Climate Monitoring Project) are managed and supported from the National tidal Facility, Flinders university. Driven by the search for a sea level change that would be a signal of greenhouse climate change, this major monitoring project has a wide range of applications for coastal managers. Very accurate monitoring of changes in absolute sea level also involves monitoring the vertical motion of the Earth’s crust at the tide gauge location. 6 shows the major ocean currents affecting Australia.

Weathering and wave energy have exploited weaknesses in the sandy limestone to cause rapid cliff recession and leading to the formation of stacks, arches and islands. The spectacular coastal scenery is the basis of a significant tourist industry along the Great Ocean Road (photography Nick Harvey) Understanding Coastal Processes 43 (m) THE LIGHTHOUSE, WILSONS PROMONTORY, VICTORIA Wilsons Promontary National Park is a large coastal wilderness with varied vegetation including temperate rainforest, heath, swamp and dune communities.

2 suggests, combinations of differing geological, climatic, oceanographic and biotic factors give great contrasts in coastal environments. these combinations can be regionalised to some extent, largely on the basis of climate and wave energy. Coastal management in Australia takes place within a series of varied and dynamic environments. From the top End to tasmania there is great pressure of uses: everywhere in the varied coastal environments, management is complex, challenging, and needed. Global change and Australian coastal processes It was noted earlier in this chapter that the IPCC has been instrumental in providing climate change projections related to the predicted effects of enhanced global greenhouse warming and associated sea-level rise (Houghton et al.

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