Ciba Foundation Symposium - Synthesis and Metabolism of

Chapter 1 spouse elements in ldl cholesterol of varied assets (pages 1–26): Louis F. Fieser
Chapter 2 The Chemistry of Lanosterol (pages 27–38): D. H. R. Barton
Chapter three The Ergosterol path to Adrenal Cortical Hormones (pages 39–45): H. B. Henbest and E. R. H. Jones
Chapter four Investigations at the Synthesis of 11?Ketosteroids (pages 46–58): H. Heusser and O. Jeger
Chapter five Partial Synthesis of ?9(11)?Anhydrocorticosterone Acetate (pages 59–64): R. Casanova, A. Ruff and C. W. Shoppee
Chapter 6 Cortisone and 11?Epi?17?Hydroxycorticosterone Diacetate from Sarmentogenin (pages 65–78): A. Lardon and T. Reichstein
Chapter 7 Synthesis of 11?Oxygenated Steroids from Steroidal Sapogenins (pages 79–95): Carl Djerassi and G. Rosenkranz
Chapter eight 11?Oxygenated Steroids from Ergosteryl?D Acetate 22:23?Dibromide (pages 96–103): F. S. Spring, G. T. Newbold, R. C. Anderson, R. Budziarek, F. Johnson, J. A. Mcewan, D. Maclean and R. Stevenson
Chapter nine advent of the 11?Keto functionality within the Steroids (pages 104–109): J. M. Constantin and L. H. Sarett
Chapter 10 The Characterization of Trisubstituted Steroidal Olefines by means of Infra?Red Spectroscopy (pages 110–126): H. Hirschmann
Chapter eleven a few elements of the Stereochemistry of C?20 (pages 127–141): W. Klyne
Chapter 12 The Chemical motion of X?Rays on a few Steroids in Aqueous platforms (pages 142–160): Joseph Weiss
Chapter thirteen Biogenesis of Adrenal Cortical Hormones (pages 161–175): Oscar Hechter
Chapter 14 reviews of the Enzymes inquisitive about the Synthesis and Degradation of the Hormones of the Adrenal Cortex (pages 176–190): Leo T. Samuels
Chapter 15 The in vitro Synthesis of Adrenal Cortical Steroids (pages 191–209): Ralph I. Dorfman, Mika Hayano, Robert Haynes and Kenneth Savard
Chapter sixteen Species variations and different components Influencing Adrenocortical Secretion (pages 210–232): I. E. Bush
Chapter 18 In vivo Metabolism of Adrenosterone (pages 233–239): Ralph I. Dorfman, Kenneth Savard and Shlomo Burstein
Chapter 18 present prestige of Corticosteroid Metabolism in guy (pages 240–260): G. Pincus, E. B. Romanoff and Louise P. Romanoff
Chapter 19 Estimation of person Adrenocortical Hormones in Human Peripheral Blood (pages 261–271): C. J. O. R. Morris and D. C. Williams
Chapter 20 Corticosteroid Metabolism in remoted Perfused Rat Livers (pages 272–289): Oscar Hechter

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Content material: bankruptcy 1 Chairman's creation (pages 1–2): G. M. BesserChapter 2 The Intermediate Lobe of the Pituitary Gland: creation and historical past (pages 3–12): Aaron B. LernerChapter three constitution and Chemistry of the Peptide Hormones of the Intermediate Lobe (pages 13–31): Alex N. EberleChapter four comparability of Rat Anterior and Intermediate Pituitary in Tissue tradition: Corticotropin (ACTH) and ?

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Clayton, A. Crawshaw, C. W. Greenhalgh, Dr. B. J. Lovell, Dr. G. Silverstone, G. W. Wood and Dr. G. F. Woods. The authors are indebted t o Glaxo Laboratories Ltd. for both financial support and for the preparation of intermediates by Dr. B. A. Hems and his colleagues. , and STEVENS,P. G. (1948). J. org. , 13,lO. FIESER, L. F. (1950). Experientia, 6, 312. , (1930). , 477, 268. 44 GENERALDISCUSSION DISCUSSION FIESER:What is the essence of your evidence for the configuration at 5 and 8 in the 5:8-diol?

And SCHINDEL, L. (1930). Hoppe-Seyl. Z . , 192, 73. WINDAUS, A. (1906). Ber. dtsch. chem. , 39, 2249. , and AUHAGEN, E. (1929). , 412, 185. , and BRUNKEN, J. (1928). , 460, 225. Fr. (1935). , and SCHENK, 98. , and NAGGATZ, J. (1939). , 542, 204. , and NEUKIRCHEN, K. (1919). Ber. dtsch. chem. , 52, 1915. , and RESAU,C. (1963). Ber. dtsch. chem. , 46, 1246. , and MOORE,M. (1943). J . Am&. chem. ,65, WINTERSTEINER, 1518. DISCUSSION MARRIAN:It will be very interesting when some of these accompanying substances are tested biologically.

HEUSSER:Yes. DJERASSI:This would constitute a violation of the isoprene rule. HEUSSER:Yes. We believe that the methyl group on C-14 has an influence on the ketone group a t C-17 in the trans C / O series. We don’t believe that the point of attachment of the long side chain is really C-15. BARTON:What about the methyl ketone, Dr. Heusser? Will your atomic models tell you that it can be hindered in the same way? HEUSSER:It is sterically hindered, but not so strongly that it is a reason for making a definite assignment of the position of the side chain.

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