Chance - Vought Corsair F4U-7 & AU-1 by Patrick Marchand,Junko Takamori

By Patrick Marchand,Junko Takamori

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Ma-d]a-at-tu ikld Lie Sar. p. 70:2, Winckler Sar. pi. 32:69, two talents of silver, twenty minas of silver equivalent to elephant hides, fifty linen garments, ten saddinnu-garments,three lama: qartu-containers with fish, twenty lattucontainers for fish (containing) one thousand fish (each) naphar ma-da-at-tu all this together is the tribute (parallel: ndmurtu. both for the palace) ADD 810:10 (- ABL 568), also ibid. r. GAL ibid. r. 9, ma-da-te mar Sarri ibid. r. , cf. also Iraq 23 42 ND 2672:28, also (animals) ibid.

ABL 616:6 and r. 1 certain precious stones. The Ur III refs. r. [lum] ibid. 752 ii 14, seem to designate a part of a boat and may represent a loan from Sum. la, for which see tillatu. lum ibid. is uncertain. ; to salt, to pickle meat; NA; I *imdil, 1/2; cf. madlu, midlu, muddulu. ): the man will go to the army CT 22 157:16; PN 9a ana ma-dak-tum illiki Nbk. 301:7, cf. ina tdbti an-di-di-il-ii I put in salt (the piglet with eight feet and two tails) Thompson TCL 9 138:36, and, wr. ma-ak-da-tum Dar.

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