Alexander and Alestria: A Novel by Shan Sa

By Shan Sa

Starting with Alexander's adolescence in Macedonia along with his abusive father, tyrannical King Philip and his overbearing mom Olympias - proficient via Aristotle and proficient within the army education - he develops the fierce personality, power, and ambition to overthrow his abusive father and take the crown. in the meantime, within the wilds of the Siberian steppe, Alestria is queen of the Amazons - the tribe of woman warriors who dominate this gigantic land on the fringe of the recognized global. Switching among the unique voices of Alexander, Alestria, and Tania (the queen's unswerving follower and confidante), Shan Sa brings the reader to the heart of harsh actual and emotional battles. After Alexander conquers and unifies all of old Greece and Egypt and units out to the Orient to overcome his rival, King Darius of Persia, Alexander and Alestria first come upon one another at the battlefield; stunned to discover that his adversary is a lady, Alexander is readily smitten: her hair is lengthy and black, her physique muscular and bronzed, and her epidermis scarred from years of conflict. and finally, this self reliant lady who had renounced males has came across a cause to depart her tribe. This ebook is fantastically translated by way of Adriana Hunter (who additionally translated the seriously acclaimed "Empress").

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