Cacti of Texas, Neighboring States by Del Weniger

By Del Weniger

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Perbellus (B. ) As the species, except not over 4 in. tall; 13—15 ribs. As the species. spines As the species, except only 12—15 radials; no central. flowers As the species, except smaller, 2 in. tall and wide. fruits As the species. range Type locality Big Spring, Texas; found occasionally north in Texas, along western edge of Oklahoma to Majors County, west into New Mexico to Pecos River, into Colorado; pure population found near Muleshoc, Bailey County, Texas. remarks Doubtful variety. stems areoles Echinocereus caespitosus var.

Long, not opening widely. fruits Round to elongated, egg-shaped, 1/2—7/8 in. long. range Southeastern New Mexico. remarks Extremely rare, obscure; similar to more robust E. lloydii but much smaller, nonclustering, flowers and fruits very much smaller; includes some of Benson’s E. pectinatus var. minor. Echinocereus lloydii B. & R. stems Simple then clustering and branching to 6 stems when old, each of large size before clustering; to 12 in. high, 41/2 in. thick, cylindrical, bright green to gray-green; 11—13 broad, interrupted, extremely tuberculate ribs; 3/4+ in.

Long, lower ones slightly shorter; clear translucent yellow or chalk-white, all of an areole being same color, usually forming bands of yellow and white on older plants; 5—10 centrals, all heavier, straight, spreading in all directions, uppermost 1/8—1/4 in. long, slender; rest heavier, 1/4—3/4 in. long, translucent yellow, often with reddish tip, or all reddish; all spines have bulbous bases; immature plants or new branches have no spines, but have thick covering of white, very fine, flexible hairs, 1/4—1/2 in.

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