Botany for Gardeners by Rickett H.W.

By Rickett H.W.

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Chemical Grouting and Soil Stabilization (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Following transferring traits from remedial to preventive makes use of of grouting practices, this 3rd variation covers all features of chemical grouting tools and functions. This reference highlights new flooring development recommendations in addition to fresh suggestions in soil amendment and stabilization tactics.

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Hedenäs’ (1994) morphological dataset produced a consensus tree with Aulacomnium nested within a paraphyletic group of six genera of Rhizogoniaceae. The consensus MPT from a combined 18S rRNA–rbcL–rps4–trnL dataset assembled by Cox et al. (2000) positions Aulacomnium in a polytomy that includes the rhizogonian genus Pyrrhobryum and the pleurocarpous genera Racopilum, Hypnodendron and Bescherellia, but excludes the Hypnidae sampled. While these more recent studies suggest a close relationship of Aulacomnium and Rhizogoniaceae, their taxon sampling did not permit a clear assessment.

Streimann 61888 (UC) D. H. Norris 49382 (UC) J. E. Beever 90-72 (UC) D. H. Norris 67011 (UC) J. E. Beever 90-74 (UC) A. Withey 739 (DUKE) M. L. Sargent May 19, 1982 (UC-Culture) C. n. (RNG) G. R. & J. E. Beever 90-71 (UC) S. P. Churchill 16400 (H) B. R. S. 058 (MO) H. Streimann 51199 (UC) H. Streimann (H) M. L. Sargent August 5 1989 (UC-Culture) W. R. Buck 32502 (NY) Hymenodon angustifolium Sande Lac. Hymenodon pilifer Hook. f. & Wilson Hymenodontopsis stresemannii Herzog Hypnodendron comatum (Müll.

1987a) North European mosses with axillary rhizoids, a taxonomic study. Journal of Bryology, 14: 429–439. Hedenäs, L. (1987b) On the taxonomic position of Tomentypnum Loeske. Journal of Bryology, 14: 729–736. Hedenäs, L. (1989) Some neglected character distribution patterns among the pleurocarpous mosses. Bryologist, 92: 157–163. Hedenäs, L. (2002) Important complexes of intercorrelated character states in pleurocarpous mosses. Lindbergia, 27: 104–121. Hedwig, J. (1782) Fundamentum Historiae Naturalis Muscorum Frondosorum Concernens Eorum Flores, Fructus, Seminalem Propagatonem Adjecta Generum Dispositione Methodica, Iconibus, Illustratis.

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