Biology of the Antarctic Seas V

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Published through the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic study Series.

The Antarctic study sequence, an outgrowth of analysis performed within the Antarctic throughout the foreign Geophysical 12 months, used to be started early in 1963 with a provide from the nationwide technology origin to AGU. it's a ebook sequence designed to serve scientists and graduate scholars actively engaged in Antarctic or heavily similar examine and others versed within the organic or actual sciences. It presents a continual, authoritative medium for the presentation of intensive and special medical examine effects from Antarctica, quite the result of the us Antarctic learn application. this actual quantity comprises four papers.


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A t o n e pole of the central capsule there is a t u b u l a r m a i n o p e n i n g (the astropyle) in the c e n t e r o f a c o n i c a l radiate o p e r c u l u m . A c c e s s o r y o p e n i n g s (the p a r a p y l a e ) are c o m m o n l y present on the pole opposite the astropyle. The extracapsular c y t o p l a s m h a s a large m a s s of inclusions (the p h a e o d i u m ) w i t h dark p i g m e n t e d bodies (the p h a e o d e l l a e ) . T h e s k e l e t o n m a y be l a c k i n g .

Copyright American Geophysical Union Antarctic Research Series Biology of the Antarctic Seas V 26 Vol. 23 BIOLOGY OF THE ANTARCTIC SEAS V g e n u s Aulactinium, which have been reported only by H a e c k e l , are said to l a c k the external veil of needles. T h e o t h e r l a r g e r a n d m o r e distinctive types of skeletal e l e m e n t s in A u l a c a n t h i d a e are the hollow radial tubes. In living and p r e s e r v e d s p e c i m e n s t h e p r o x i m a l ends of these tubes g e n e r a l l y c o n v e r g e at the central capsule.

Dogiel and R e s c h e t n j a k , 1 9 5 2 , p. 2 0 . — R e s c h e t n j a k , 1955, p. 98; 1965, p. 76; 1966, p. 107, fig. 34. Description. T h e radial tubes are cylindrical, straight, or slightly c u r v e d or undulant and are a b o u t the s a m e width t h r o u g h o u t their length. In s o m e i n s t a n c e s the distal s u b c o r o n a l portion of the radial tubes m a y be slightly inflated. T h e ter­ m i n a l b r a n c h e s of the c r o w n are variable in size a n d n u m b e r .

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