Biochemical Interaction Between Plants and Insects by Paul Feeny (auth.), James W. Wallace, Richard L. Mansell

By Paul Feeny (auth.), James W. Wallace, Richard L. Mansell (eds.)

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PLANT APPARENCY AND CHEMICAL DEFENSE 27 If quantitative defense is correlated with plant apparency, one would expect to find that herbivores feeding on the mature foliage of late-successional plant species typically grow more slowly and less efficiently than related herbivore species which feed on early successional plants. This expectation has recently been confirmed by Scriber (1975) who found that larvae of the tiger swallowtail butterfly, PapiZio gZauous, are considerably less efficient and grow three times more slowly on their natural diet of mature tree leaves than larvae of the black swallowtail, P.

Bot. 6Z:749. Cho:pter Two INSECT-PLANT INTERACTIONS: NUTRITION AND METABOLISM STANLEY D. BECK and JOHN C. REESE Department of Entomology~ University of Wisconsin Wisconsin Madison~ Introduction Nutrition & Host Specificity Allelochemic Interactions Allelochemics and Nutritional Physiology Allomones in Insect-Plant Interactions Concluding Remarks References 41 42 45 50 58 74 75 INTRODUCTION From a phytochemical standpoint, plants are producers of chemicals, and insects are consumers. The biology of the consumer role played by insects is a very complex and intriguing subject, of which we will focus primarily on only two aspects -- nutrition and metabolism.

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