Biflavonoids: Occurrence, Structural Features and by Andrew G. Mercader, Alicia B. Pomilio

By Andrew G. Mercader, Alicia B. Pomilio

Biflavonoids include a gaggle of the flavonoid kin that own various constructions and organic actions of excessive relevance, akin to anticancer, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti inflammatory, antinociceptive, antioxidant, vasodilator and anticlotting. The chemistry of biflavonoids is essential in lots of fields of analysis, specially simply because those compounds are structurally diversified bioactive molecules with strength for biomedical functions. This publication highlights the structural biflavonoid variability, rearrangements and assorted stereochemistry via approximately 470 buildings dispensed in a few species of Angiosperms, Gymnosperms, ferns and mosses.

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Pomilio 34 (I-2′,II-8)-Flavanone-flavone dimer OH HO O I OH OHO 2' OH 8 O II OH O I-2,3-Dihydrophilonotisflavone (206) (I-2′,II-8)-Flavone-flavanone dimer OH HO O I OH OHO 2' OH OH 8 O OH II OH O II-2,3-Dihydrophilonotisflavone (207) (I-2′,II-8; I-8,II-2′)-Doubly linked Flavone-flavanone dimer O OH O OH I O 2' HO HO OH 8 OH OH 2' OH O II O 8 OH OH OH HO HO OH OH OH O OH O OH O Bartramiaflavone (208) Figure 9. SIMPLE BIFLAVONOIDS: (I-2′,II-8)-Biflavones, (I-2′,II-8)-Flavanoneflavone dimer, (I-2′,II-8)-Flavone-flavanone dimer, (I-2′,II-8; I-8,II-2′)-Doubly linked Flavone-flavanone dimer.

The Biaurone series includes (I-5’,II-5)-, (I-2’,II-2)- and (I-α,II-α)biaurones (257-259). Aurone-auronol series consist of three (I-2,II-7)-auroneauronol dimers (260-263). Aurone-flavanone series presents a (I-2’,II-6)aurone-flavanone dimer (264) and a (I-5’,II-6)-aurone-flavanone dimer (265). (I-3,II-5)-Flavanone-auronol dimers (266, 267) and (I-3,II-7)-flavanoneauronol dimers (268, 269) form the flavanone-auronol series. Biflavonoid Structures 45 (I-5’,II-5)-Biaurone HO OH I OH OH O HO 5' O 5 HO II O OH O OH Aulacomniumbiaureusidin (257) (I-2’,II-2)-Biaurone HO OH I OH O O 2' O O II OH 2 O HO Licoagrone (258) (I-α,II-α)-Biaurone OH OH O HO I O α α O II O OH HO Disulfuretin (259) OH Andrew G.

The simple Flavonoid-Chalcone series contains a (I-3,II-3’)-flavanonechalcone dimer (287); (I-3,II-3)-flavanone-chalcone dimers (288- 290); and a (I-3,II-3)-flavan-chalcone dimer (291). Andrew G. Mercader and Alicia B. Pomilio 52 (I-3,II-3’)-Flavanone-chalcone dimer OH HO OH O I 3 OH OH O 3' O II HO OH I-5,7,4’-Trihydroxyflavanone-(I-3,II-3’)-II-4,2’,4’,6’-tetrahydroxychalcone (287) (I-3,II-3)-Flavanone-chalcone dimers OH R2 O O O I OH 3 3 II O O HO R1 OH I-5-Hydroxylophirone B I-5-Hydroxylophirone B I-7-O-β-D-glucopyranoside (288) (289) R1 H H R2 H β-D-Glu OH HO O O I 3 O OH 3 II HO OH Lophirone B (290) Biflavonoid Structures 53 (I-3,II-3)-Flavan-chalcone dimer OH HO O O I OH 3 3 II HO OH Bongosin (291) Figure 16.

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