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By Jane Bozarth

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Being mindful of the principles of good instruction, and especially the new considerations of multimedia that e-learning demands, will help to ensure the success of your program. Now that you have some understanding of the basics of instructional design for e-learning purposes, we’ll move on into development issues. The next chapter covers the learner’s relationship with your program: look, feel, navigation, and the graphic interface.

What is it? A big advantage of e-learning is “scalability,” that is, a program can be delivered to many learners at once. This brings with it, though, the temptation of trying to create a program that is all things to all people, while relevant to none. Consider the issue of a company’s “infection control” update. The instruction that will be effective for the general office staff will likely not be useful for the company nurses. The level of prior knowledge, tasks carried out during the work day, and expectations of performance are very different.

Are learners leaving the classroom fully prepared to perform successfully back on the job? If not, where are there gaps? Where do instructors feel they need to provide additional explanation? What concepts are difficult to explain? What questions or misunderstandings come up time and again? What opportunities for practice exist in the classroom session? Does the classroom use cases, simulations, and scenarios for practice? What do good individual instructors add to the experience? Inventory Your Assets In examining the existing classroom program don’t overlook the assets associated with it.

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