Beginning and Intermediate Algebra: An Integrated Approach by R. David Gustafson, Peter D. Frisk

By R. David Gustafson, Peter D. Frisk

Get the grade you will have in algebra with Gustafson and Frisk's starting AND INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA! Written with you in brain, the authors supply transparent, no-nonsense factors to help you examine tricky options very easily. arrange for assessments with quite a few assets positioned on-line and in the course of the textual content akin to on-line tutoring, bankruptcy Summaries, Self-Checks, preparing routines, and Vocabulary and proposal difficulties. Use this article, and you can research strong mathematical talents to help you either in destiny mathematical classes and in genuine lifestyles!

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7 6. ؒ 3 5 Ϫ 2 3 Ϭ 3 2 2 1 11. Ϫ 3 2 14. 21 16. 3 ؒ 13 7. 3 7 3 5 Ϭ 5 2 3 1 12. ϩ 4 2 8. Round each decimal to two decimal places. 17. 2 EXERCISES REVIEW Decide whether the following statements are true or false. 1. 6 is an integer. 3. 4. 5. 7. 18. 24521 2. 1 is a natural number. 2 21 is a prime number. No prime number is an even number. 8ϾϪ2 6. Ϫ 3 Ͻ Ϫ 2 9 Յ 0 Ϫ9 0 8. 0 Ϫ11 0 Ն 10 Place an appropriate symbol in each box to make the statement true. 9. 3 ϩ 7 11. 0 Ϫ2 0 10 2 3 2 1 ϭ 7 7 7 12. 4 ϩ 8 11 10.

Find the length of the fence needed to enclose the garden. 103. Making clothes A designer needs 314 yards of material for each dress he makes. How much material will he need to make 14 dresses? The following circle graph shows the various sources of retirement income for a typical retired person in the year 2001. Other 2% Pensions and Social Security 34% Earned income 24% Investments and savings 40% 104. Retirement income If a retiree has $36,000 of income, how much is expected to come from pensions and social security?

It might be mistaken for the variable x. The Number Line We can use the number line shown in Figure 1-2 to represent sets of numbers. The number line continues forever to the left and to the right. Numbers to the left of 0 (the origin) are negative, and numbers to the right of 0 are positive. 1 Real Numbers and Their Graphs ! Comment 7 The number 0 is neither positive nor negative. The number that corresponds to a point on the number line is called the coordinate of that point. For example, the coordinate of the origin is 0.

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