Basil of Caesarea, christian, humanist, ascetic: a by Saint Basil (Bishop of Caesarea), Paul Jonathan Fedwick,

By Saint Basil (Bishop of Caesarea), Paul Jonathan Fedwick, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies

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13 At times Basil's chronology interlaces with that of Gregory of Nazianzus. In this regard P. Gallay, La vie de saint Grégoire de Nazianze (Lyons 1943) has been most helpful. , of Basil's EGNaz. [14]; see below under 357 or 358. Gregory's Ep. 8 is placed by Gallay in 362; see also idem, Saint Grégoire de Nazianze, Lettres, 1 (Paris 1964), and Gregor von Ναζίαιιζ, Briefe (Berlin 1969). It is known that Ep. 8 contains Gregory's reply to Basil's letter (not extant) in which Basil notified Gregory of his priestly ordination.

35 above. 47 Feast 2 September (BHG 1020); in only one or two MSS of the menologia. Because of the affinity of its arguments with the letters to Amphilochius from 376 and also Mor. Prl the date 376 proposed by Bernardi, La prédication, p. 85. is probably correct. 48 Feast 9 March (BHGü 1205). the favourite of the menologia in most languages. Bernardi. La prédication, p. 85, dates it in 373. 49 Probably preached in Satala. Armenia Minor, in July 373. so Certainly one of the first homilies preached by Basil.

Eun. 1-3, EMax. phi. 5-6), is the only other early reference in Basil to the heresy of the Anomoeans from before 370. 25 See Gallay. La vie, p. 73. 26 See above n. 13. 2, argumentation for the year 364 based on the supposition that under Julian the orthodox were not harassed by the heretics, as he next says that Basil wrote his C. Eun. 1 do not think that one should take the words of Gregory from his Ep. 8 in such an exclusively political sense. More persuasive would be the argument from Basil's ENeoc.

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