It is a forty six web page PAPERBACK e-book, via JAMES E. TEW, colour images AND DRAWINGS, first-class ebook ON BEE holding, basic and simple TO learn.

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Edu/agnic/bee. final arrangement of hives should be in an irregular pattern such as an S-shape, semicircle, or diamondshape. Remember too, that beekeeping is more pleasant when supplies and equipment can be easily hauled into and out of the apiary. If you want to move your bees only a few hundred feet, first take them at least 3 miles away and leave them for a week or more. They will soon forget the old location and become oriented to the new one. Then you can move the hives to the desired permanent location you have prepared for them.

By having two hives, the beekeeper can potentially correct mistakes by using bees or equipment from the other hive. Frequently, new beekeepers get too many hives too soon, and their hobby quickly becomes tiresome. Beekeeping is enjoyable, but don’t let it grow so fast that it becomes too much work.

Use cotton twine to hold the loose combs in place. Place honeycombs in a bucket and remove them from the area after the job is finished. After removing all bees and combs from the original nest cavity, fill it with insulation and close it up. Place a small colony as near as possible to the original nest entrance. You may need to build a temporary bracket on the wall of the house to support the hive. Ideally, the small colony would be queenless but have a brood frame with open brood. To this small hive, add the brood combs you have cut and fitted.

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