Averroes’ Questions in Physics by Helen Tunik Goldstein (auth.), Helen Tunik Goldstein (eds.)

By Helen Tunik Goldstein (auth.), Helen Tunik Goldstein (eds.)

overall name and the remark of Narboni, yet during which the treatise is given a detailed organization rath De Substantia Orbis VII, which immedi­ ately follows it within the textual content. This 3rd model is the only case during which a Hebrew translator may be named: the interpretation used to be made by way of Todros Todrosi within the yr 1340. the one end to be drawn from his translation is that Todrosi may well definitively be eradicated because the translator of any of the opposite ver­ sions. notwithstanding, we are able to draw a tentative end as to the formation of the Hebrew assortment. The earliest proof for the life of the 9 treatise collec­ tion is the observation of Narboni, accomplished in 1349. the truth that 9 years previous one treatise will be connected to a piece open air the corpus could point out that the Hebrew number of 9 treatises was once shaped in the course of these 9 years, or mar even point out that Narboni him­ self accrued a number of the treatises. five Narboni, besides the fact that, was once no longer the translator of those works in truth, number 1 definitive indication of the translator's identification exists. 6 three. the character of the Question-Form Steinschneider provided the subsequent basic characterization of Aver­ roes' Quaestiones: those are usually short discussions, roughly solutions to questions; they're in part occasioned via subject matters i9 his commentaries and will be regarded as appendices to them.

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14 Then he began 15 to investigate whether it is possible for any body to exist, whether simple or compound, in which the mover is identical with that which is in motion. [If it is assumed that this is possible,] all the impossibilities which he mentioned in this book ensue from this assumption, and from all the impossibilities it follows that the mover cannot be identical with that which is in motion. 1 6 31. Inasmuch as what he assumed here, to the effect that the first thing in motion is a simple body, had not been demonstrated sufficiently in the preceding proofs (for the proof stated at the beginning of the seventh book is demonstrative only with respect to bodies compounded of matter and form, and the earlier proof [in the eighth book] was constructed only on the basis of the investigation derived from the sensible bodies in the sublunar world: those things in motion which possess souls, and the elements); and because it had not yet been demonstrated that there is a simple body which is not compound: for this reason, Arl·stotle began here to investigate this question from the beginning.

17 But because certain men ignored this fact, the two natures were confused! " where applied to both the world and its creator, is used equivocally. 9 In sum, then, the two existences are as different as pOSSible, 6. while their connection is a necessary thing; for if they were not connected in perpetuity (1 mean, if one of the two existences existed ,0 6 Question Five 11 first, separately,20 and then was converted to the second existence), the impossible could become possible. 2fture of the eternal to be converted to 7.

Praise be to God alone, blessed and exalted be He! 50. The treatise has been completed. Praise be to God! QUESTION VIII In this treatise, Averroes defends Aristotle against the charge of using invalid premises in his demonstrations. He begins by analyzing a specific argument, moves on to the charges raised against it, and then broadens his defense of the premises of this argument to cover Aristotle's general practice. Averroes' defense of the practice follows a line already laid down by Aristotle himself in Physics VII, and turns on the distinction between possible falsehoods and impossible falsehoods.

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