Astrophysical Data Bearing on the Relative Abundance of the by Payne C. H.

By Payne C. H.

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Another difference between the theoretical and the empirical concepts of temperature is that whereas the former behaves orderly like length the latter exhibits an aberrant behavior. Thus a 10 C difference near the freezing point does not correspond, for real substances, to the same difference in thermal states near the boiling point. In short, the empirical temperature scales are not strictly linear. g. via volume changes (indicators or objec3 Springer Tracts, Vol. 10, Bunge 34 2. 1), and the T-V relation is not strictly linear.

Some special hypotheses are more conjectural and less accurately testable than others. Thus if we assume that a given field vanishes at infinity, we have no way of knowing for sure that this is the case. ) Another example: the so-called Cauchy data are not data but either stipulated or conjectured, as they consist of the 42 3. g. t= canst). In brief, many particular physical statements are hypothetical in the sense that they are not gathered from experience although they are empirically testable to some extent.

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