Association Between Lignin and Carbohydrates in Wood and by Professor Tetsuo Koshijima, Professor Takashi Watanabe

By Professor Tetsuo Koshijima, Professor Takashi Watanabe (auth.)

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"The Springer sequence in wooden technological know-how offers a useful compilation of the learn box of lignin-polysaccharide institutions in plant cellphone partitions with emphasis on woody crops. … this can be an immense paintings either for all those that input this topic for the 1st time and should you are already keen on this interesting, complicated and nonetheless now not totally resolved bankruptcy of nature." (G. Wegener, wooden technology and know-how, Vol. 37, 2004)

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17. 5-m column. (Koshijima et al. 79% acetyl. chitosan. The lignin content decreased to 81 % and then to 67% after a second round of chitosan treatment. The lignin adsorbed on the chitosan column was dissolved out by eluting with ethanol and recovered as waterinsoluble lignin, identical to the original lignin with regard to UV and IR spectra. However, the approximately 2% remaining in the C-I-M subfraction was assumed to be combined with acetylglucomannan and occurred as a neutral LCe. 18, the presence of the neutral LCCs in C-l-M is proof that the subfraction solubilizes polyconiferylalcohol or milled wood lignin.

0 0 40 Fig. 12a-c. Elution profiles of the bagasse LCC-W from Sepharose 4B column. a Native LCC-W; b cetyltrimethylammonium bromide-treated LCC-W; c alkali-treated LCC-W. Each fraction was analyzed for carbohydrate (smooth line), lignin (dotted line) and phenolic acids (hatched line). (Kato et a1. 41. Methyl ethers from the hydrolysates of the methylated LCCs ofbagasse (Kato et a1. 1984). 8 • 2,3,5-Ara 2,3,5-tri-O-methyl-L-arabinose. 42. Compositions and properties of the Björkman LCCs from bagasse.

24). In Fig. 8, the arrow indieates the void volume, where W-l eluted. 24). 24). 26). 27 shows the results of the Smith degradation analyses on beech LCC-W. In the table, (A) indicates the experimental values of the original specimen, and (B) those of the deacetylated specimen. 43, the corresponding ratio in the original W -2. 24. Neutral sugar composition ofthe LCC-W of Fagus crenata. (Koshijima et al. 25. Properties of the fractionated LCC-W of Fagus crenata on Sepharose 4B column (Koshijima et al.

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