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This strength Piping Code is among the many Sections of the yank Society of Mechanical Engineers Code for strain Piping, B31. This part is released as a separate record for comfort. criteria and requisites in particular integrated via reference into this Code are proven in desk 126.1. it isn't thought of sensible to consult a dated variation of every of the criteria and requirements during this Code. in its place, the dated variation references are incorporated in an Addenda and should be revised each year. This Code prescribes specifications for the layout, fabrics, fabrication, erection, try, inspection, operation, and upkeep of piping platforms. Piping as utilized in this Code contains pipe, flanges, bolting, gaskets, valves, pressure-relieving valves/ units, fittings, and the pressure-containing parts of alternative piping parts, even if synthetic in keeping with criteria indexed in desk 126.1 or especially designed. it is usually hangers and helps and different gear goods essential to hinder overstressing the pressure-containing elements. principles governing piping for miscellaneous appurtenances, corresponding to water columns, distant water point symptoms, strain gages, gage glasses, etc., are integrated in the scope of this Code, however the standards for boiler appurtenances can be in line with part I of the ASME Boiler and strain Vessel Code, PG-60. The clients of this Code are prompt that during a few components laws may well identify governmental jurisdiction over the subject material lined by means of this Code. notwithstanding, this type of criminal requirement shall no longer relieve the landlord of his inspection obligations laid out in para. 136.1.

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2) above shall be removed and may be repaired by welding after the base metal has been magnetic particle or dye penetrant inspected to ensure complete removal of discontinuities. [Refer to para. 4) All weld repairs of depth exceeding 1 in. 2) above and by magnetic particle or dye penetrant inspection of the finished weld surface. All weld repairs of depth less than 20% of the section thickness, or 1 in. (25 mm), whichever is the lesser, and all weld repairs of section that cannot be effectively radiographed shall be examined by magnetic particle or dye penetrant inspection of the first layer, of each 1⁄4 in.

Where more than five castings are being produced, the examination shall be performed on the first five plus one additional casting to represent each five additional castings. If this additional casting proves to be unacceptable, each of the remaining castings in the group shall be inspected. 2) above shall be removed, and the casting may be repaired by welding after the base metal has been inspected to ensure complete removal of discontinuities. [Refer to para. ] The complete 4d repair shall be subject to reinspection by the same method as was used in the original inspection and shall be reinspected after any required postweld heat treatment.

1. 1) Internal Pressure Stress. The calculated stress due to internal pressure shall not exceed the allowable stress values given in the Allowable Stress Tables in Mandatory Appendix A. This criterion is satisfied when the wall thickness of the piping component, including any reinforcement, meets the requirements of paras. 7, excluding para. 3 but including the consideration of allowances permitted by paras. 4. 2) External Pressure Stress. Piping subject to external pressure shall be considered safe when the wall thickness and means of stiffening meet the requirements of para.

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