Art and Artifact in Laboratory Science: A Study of Shop Work by Michael Lynch

By Michael Lynch

Michael Lynch's doctoral thesis and one of many first 3 laboratory reviews along Bruno Latour and Steve Woolgar's "Laboratory Life" and Karin Knorr-Cetina's "The Manufacture of Knowledge".

Credits for the experiment visit [email protected]

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Instead, the eventual "shelving" of the project involved the assessment of the possible discovery as not worth pursuing any further, in light of practical necessities for maintaining the lab program with routinely successful findings. Closure was not attributable to a disproof of a hypothetical possibility, since it involved a "turning away from" a possibility for further research in favor of more practical alterna­ tives in the lab's inquiries. II Overall design of the inquiry In the work of the lab as a whole a kind of "overall design" was noticeable.

Date of lesion) #1, 2, 3 (number for rats in that cage) Other tag: Gold B. January 26, 1975 R. March 28, 1975 (biographical data for rats) Next to cage - seven syringes, a metal box with wood shavings inside, sink, rubber pad, hoses with clamps leading from inverted bottle labeled "conc," collection of scissors, clamps over to the side, manual open to section on perfusion. J. put on rubber gloves, grabbed rat by the tail, put into metal box, stuck needle into bottle, 1% sodium nitrite. Rati grabbed rat by the tail, jabbed in the belly, it squirmed and wriggled free.

This analytic provision for the occurrence of projects is distinct from a sense of scientific projects as indefinitely extensive courses of work defined by reference to their respective topical pheno­ mena. Such a relation of work to a topic of study (such as axon sprouting) is an observable feature of extensive courses of lab research, but is a separable matter from the practical organization of specific courses of research into projects. In the case discussed here, projects were topically linked to one another sequentially and simultaneously in varieties of ways that will be briefly discussed later in this chapter.

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