Applications of distributions in mathematical physics. by Jager, Eduardus Marie de

By Jager, Eduardus Marie de

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Consider two satellites in orbit around Earth. Both are in the same orbit, but on opposite sides of the Earth. Both satellites have a limited amount of maneuvering fuel available. What kinds of maneuvers would be done to get these satellites close enough to each other to “link up”? When the maneuvering is done they will be in the same orbit as the beginning. The operation must be done as quickly as possible, with a minimum of fuel use. What would be a likely approach? I have a feeling the requirements “as quickly as possible” and “minimum of fuel use” are incompatible (and too vague).

Riders would feel "negative g's". One shape that would cause this is a sharp hill: the track slants upward, then quickly slants downward. 13. If the propeller exerts the same forward force on the craft in both cases, it won’t matter whether it pushes from behind or pulls from the front—the motion of the plane or boat will be the same. 14. The rocket’s mass decreases as its fuel is consumed. The same net force acting on a smaller mass results in a larger acceleration. 15. The SI is a system of units within the metric system that is internally consistent.

Why don’t they go like this? 32 CHAPTER 2 They can! 38). Any faster and the trajectory will curve outward as shown here. But even then there are two possibilities: the orbit can curve back around following an ellipse or it can (if the cannonball is launched fast enough) continue outward forever following a hyperbolic path. Is the gravitational force on a person in space zero because of weightlessness? The premise is in error—the gravitational force is not zero on a person in space (though it might be vanishingly small way out in deep space, far from any other masses).

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