Ancient Food Technology (Technology and Change in History by Robert I. Curtis

By Robert I. Curtis

Utilising a large choice of resources, this publication discusses ideas in foodstuff processing and upkeep from the Palaeolithic interval throughout the past due Roman Empire. throughout the a while, there was the necessity to gather and preserve a constant nutrition provide resulting in the discovery of instruments and new applied sciences to technique definite plant and animal meals into diverse and extra usable types. This guide offers the result of the newest investigations, identifies controversies, and issues to parts desiring extra paintings. it's the first publication to concentration in particular on old meals expertise, and to debate the fundamental position it performed within the political, monetary, and social cloth of historical society. absolutely documented and lavishly illustrated with a number of photos and drawings, it's going to attract scholars and students of either the humanities and the sciences.

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P. Klein, Human Career, p p . 3 3 9 - 4 2 ; N o r b e r t M e r c i e r a n d H é l è n e V a l l a d a s , " T h e r m o l u m i n e s c e n c e D a t e s f o r the Paleolithic L e v a n t , " in Late Quaternary Chronology and Paleoclimates of the Eastern Mediterranean. O f e r Bar-Yosef a n d R e n e e S. K r a , eds. : University of A r i z o n a , 1994), p. 18. See also A n t h o n y E. M a r k s , " T h e M i d d l e a n d U p p e r Palaeolithic of t h e N e a r East a n d the Nile Valley: T h e P r o b l e m of C u l t u r a l T r a n s f o r m a t i o n s , " in The Emergence of Modern Humans.

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