An Illustrated Dictionary of Yulluna by Domains by Yulluna Land Aboriginal Corporation

By Yulluna Land Aboriginal Corporation

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Wawi 'to sing' wayapa 'to ask' wayirra nguna 'to like, want' patjayama 'to want to do, to be ready to do' wawi- to sing ngalanga, ngalangka- to talk Bodi(v Effects ngamatjaniya 'to be hungry' ngani 'to eat, 'to take [medicine) ' kapalaniya 'to be thirsty' tuka 'to drink' thali, tharti 'to excrete' kanta 'to be afraid', 'to be shy' wala 'to poke out [as tongue)' maramarawini 'to feel about with the hand' wantja 'to smell of something' yayawinti 'have [a baby) ' ngarra 'to put, put down, put in, leave', 'to light [fire)' , 'to make, build' warrka 'to fall '; 'to be born ' ta- 'to leave behind, leave alone' , 'to throw' , 'to die' wula 'to disappear, be absent, be away' , 'to be used up, all gone' ; 'to die' wulanga, wulangka 'to die' ; 'to dry up, disappear ' yitjingkul(h)a 'to drown ' watharra 'to wake up, get up, go out, rise [as sun], grow [as plant)' yilarrama 'to keep [somebody) awake' wayirra muraya 'to be broken-hearted' wayirra nhakartiya 'to be sad ' wayirra wanpi 'to breathe' , 'to breathe heavily' yankama, yamkama 'sick' manuwa 'to cough ' ngaka 'to cough ' •• • tuka - to drink ngaka- to cough kungkunpa 'a cold',"flu' yampamumarri 'to cure' miliwaki 'to go the wrong way' ; 'to be drunk' lit.

A t coolibah smoke 32. k a ------- coolibah pigweed 31.

Bank (of river) 22. cave 23. cloud 30. 5 Fire, Cooking and F(ora Know your trees? Pick the right timber for a fire to cook a wallaby? Find the right Yulluna words for Fire, Cooking and Flora from the cues with this crossword, and enjoy a tasty morsel! Down Across 2. mountain gum 3. yarn 7. smoke 9. wild orange 14. tucker, vegetable food 15. conkerberry 17. tree, stick, log 19. coolibah 20. whitewood 23. turpentine bush 26. plain potato 27. fire 29. leaves 31. beer, rum 33. root 34. dogwood 35. supplejack 38.

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