Advances in Genetics, Vol. 1 by M. Demerec (Ed.)

By M. Demerec (Ed.)

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G e o r g e sions the lobste r has been used as a model system , and the interes t of the investigato r has been more concentrate d on the structur e and functio n of the tissue s themselve s than on their relation to the whole biology of the animal. This is becaus e the nervou s syste m is easily accessible , and the animal is relativel y hardy and easily available . It is impossibl e in this chapte r to attemp t a synthesi s of all the publishe d work. However , Chapte r 3, Neurobiology , focuse s attentio n on recen t researc h in the fields of sensor y and motor organization .

The numbers of pre-Quaternary genera are indicated approximately for each period. ) exopodite , respectively) that are borne on a basa l stem or protopodite . The protopodite has two segments ; the coxopodite , which lies close r to the body, and the basis . The three pairs of maxilliped s and first four pairs of pereiopod s all bear gills or podobranchs . The pereiopods , or walking legs, are all uniramous , unlike the pleopods , which consis t of two segments . In the Nephropidae , the first three pairs of pereiopod s are chelate , the first pair being modified into the large claws.

The tritocerebrum , or most posterio r por­ tion, gives riseto nerves that run to the labrum , the alimentarycanal, and to the circumesophageal commissure , which connect s the brain with the ventra l nerve 32 Β . F. Phillips, J . S . C o b b , a n d R. W . G e o r g e Optic nerve Oculomotor Tegumentary Antennary nerve I nerve nerve Oesophagus Mandible Branches of 1st pedal nerve Cerebral ganglia Circumoesophageal connectives Post-oesophageal commissure Nerves to madible, maxillae & maxillipeds Suboesophageal 1-5th Thoracic ganglion Branches Ventral 1st ganglion of nerve 5th pedal nerve cord Abdominal ganglion Pleopedal nerve Dorso- lateral Longitudinal 6th Abdominal ganglion Fig.

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