Advanced Thermal-Hydraulic, Neutronic Codes Vol 2

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The frequency of inspections depends on the type of system, its operation, and its use. The maximum interval between inspections is established on the basis of experience. Vacuum Technologies recommends that you examine the following items regularly: ✔ When the pump is cold, check the condition and level of the fluid. ❑ Withdraw a fluid sample through the drain and visually check the level of the fluid through the sight glass. A slight discoloration of the fluid does not affect performance. NOTE Always use new O-rings when replacing fill plugs or the sight glass.

Check for leak in foreline, poor mechanical pump performance, breakdown of mechanical pump fluid. Water in Quick Cool Coil. Check and remove water. Low heat input. Check heaters. Low oil level. Add oil. Malfunctioning pump assembly Improperly located jets. Damaged jet system. Check and repair or replace. VHS-4, VHS-6 and VHS-250 Diffusion Pumps Table 4-1 Inlet pressure surges High chamber contamination Pump will not start Probable Cause Repair Action Incorrect heater voltage. Check and correct voltage.

8-32x1/2 stud (F). To install the cold cap: 1. Thread the 8-32 stud (F) into the ceramic bushing (0) until it bottoms (finger tight). DRAFT 3/9/05 2. Thread the 8-32 hex socket head screw (G) into top of ceramic bushing (0) until it bottoms. 3. Install the ceramic bushing assembly onto the top of the jet cap (A) by threading stud (F) into the tapped hole in the top jet cap. Install finger tight. 4. Attach spring clip (J) to cold cap (8) with 6-32 screw (H) so that the clip rests on top of sleeve (K).

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