Advanced Gynecologic Endoscopy by A. darwish

By A. darwish

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The operative staging procedure usually includes total extrafascial hysterectomy, bilateral adnexectomy, intraperitoneal exploration, cytological washing and lymphadenectomy. [21-23] Cervical cancer Early cervical cancers are treated surgically, by radical abdominal hysterectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy (RAH). The main difference between RAH and TAH is that during RAH, lymphatic tissue is removed lateral to the uterus. Mobilizing the ureter makes surgeon’s movements safer. Lymph nodes usually removed are common iliac, external and internal iliac.

Subcutaneous or body cavities). - Capnothorax. - CO2 embolism (Selective bronchial intubation) Table 1. Causes of increased PaCO2 during laparoscopy procedures (Miller, 2005). , 1995; As cited in Miller’s Anesthesia 2005). During laparoscopic fundoplication for hiatal hernia repair, the opening of the peritoneum overlying the diaphragmatic hiatus allows passage of CO2 under pressure through the mediastinum to the cervicocephalic region. , 1993; As cited in Miller’s Anesthesia 2005). Any increase in PEtCO2 occurring after PEtCO2 has plateaued should suggest this complication.

Laparoscopy holds a special place in the diagnosis of this problem as it is the gold standard diagnostic test in clinical practice for the accurate diagnosis of endometriosis [10]. Compared with laparoscopy, transvaginal ultrasound (TVS) has limited value in diagnosing peritoneal endometriosis, but it is a useful tool to make or exclude the diagnosis of an ovarian endometrioma [11]. At present, there is insufficient evidence to indicate that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a useful test to diagnose or exclude endometriosis compared to laparoscopy [10].

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