Adv. Microwave and Millimeter Wave Techs - Devices, Circs by M. Mukerjee

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Similar to particulation, a noncoherent jet is one that results in breakup into smaller particles. The particles are off-axis, therefore, spreading the force of the jet to a larger area. 3. Pulsed Explosive Dielectric Plasma Antenna During the flaying in air the metal jet of shaped charge produced plasma. The flight of hypersonic bodies in the air is accompanied by intense processes of gas and body surface heating, its erosion and ablation. At the same time, temperature near the body surface and the intensity of these processes are higher, for greater density and pressure of the environmental gas [10].

Energy from the detonation wave is transferred to the individual particles of the collapsing liner material. For example to increase the jet diameter the forced jet formation principle [29, 31] could be apply - 30 Advanced Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technologies: Semiconductor Devices, Circuits and Systems by resisting collapse of the liner toward the longitudinal axis, and by maintaining a jet diameter greater than conventional jets. Also it is not a direct subject of a present chapter it could be mentioned that some new perspective shaped charge liners for the plasma antenna development were discovered and investigated under the scientific leadership of academic Prof.

VO2 thin films have been also deposited on sapphire R-type substrates (Al2O3(R)), quartz or 100 Si substrates (bare or oxidized with a 1-m thick layer of SiO2). Irrespective on the substrate we used, the obtained films show a smooth surface with very low-density or no particulates at all, as indicated by scanning electron microscopy analysis, see Fig. 2a. Their morphology (as revealed by atomic force microscopy, AFM, Fig. 2b) consists of compact quasispherical crystallites with typical dimensions (root mean square roughness) between 5 and 15 nm.

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