A Spectrophotometric Study of Class A Stars by Williams E. T.

By Williams E. T.

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It is a misconception that writing developed from a single early, complex script and naturally evolved into a simpler and more easily used alphabetic form. Not only did multiple and competing versions of early writing systems exist, but it seems that the complex system that eventually arose in the ancient Near East was deliberately retained because of its greater flexibility — not merely because simpler substitutes were unavailable. c. The Phoenician script, often thought to be the first alphabetic script, actually developed in the same region several centuries later, and would eventually provide the model for Greek and other European alphabets.

Their triangular forms are repeated in the shape of the nose and in the patterns of the beard. This abstract sculptural style existed alongside a more realistic one during this period, likely indicating that this sculpture’s form was a purposeful choice rather than lack of ability on the part of the craftsperson. 60 What features stand out? Why? suggest? And his expression? l How would you describe the form of the figure? What shapes are repeated? Discuss the function of figures like this. compare image 10, noting facial expression, pose, details of dress, and artistic style.

Cylinder and stamp seals were made Image 8 of stone or other materials and engraved in intaglio so that, when pressed into clay, the carved design stood out in relief. Each was unique to its owner, and was used almost like a signature, rolled or Image 4 stamped across clay tablets to mark and seal the information with its owner’s official approval. Important individual documents could Image 13 be encased within clay envelopes and impressed with the seals of witnesses to prevent tampering. Not only would a document like this convey the information recorded in its cuneiform text, but its seal impressions would in turn add another layer of information about the people responsible for gathering and disseminating this knowledge: seals often named the owners and their professions, and were decorated with images that must have held special significance.

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