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Thus, there is an extensive literature in Judeo-Arabic, written in Hebrew characters and incorporating many Hebrew words, often Arabized. Christians wrote Arabic in Greek, Syriac, or Roman scripts, depending on their confession. The language of Malta is a North African-derived Arabic written in Roman script. With the spread of Islam, Arabic has become the liturgical language of Muslims worldwide. 32 ninth of Dhuˆ-l-Hijja, the month of pilgrimage. The ˙name, which means knowledge, is associated with the sermon traditionally preached from that hill and from the recitation of the Qur'aˆn there.

Amıˆnah The name in the legendary tafsıˆr of one of the wives of Sulaymaˆn (Solomon). She is the one to whom he is reported to have given his signet ring; she, in turn, gave it to a demon who took Sulaymaˆn’s place. It was only after many adventures and much repentance, according to the story, that Sulaymaˆn was able to get his ring and his kingdom back. ˆ minah bt. Wahb (died 576) A The mother of the Prophet Muham˙ of mad, she belonged to the Zuhra clan the Quraysh, and is reported to have been of very noble lineage.

With the rise of Islam and Muslim interest in preserving the history of the forebears of Muhammad we get a ˙ complicated and somewhat legendary picture of the ¤Arabs. According to some authors, the speakers of what would become the language of the Qur'aˆn were not the “true” or original ¤Arabs, but had replaced those people in the area of the Hijaˆz. These new ¤Arabs came, ˙ probably, from the coastal area of the Red Sea, as the name Quraysh (probably “dugong”) indicates. As the Qur'aˆn set the standard for the language of Arabic, it was also used by some to define who was an ¤Arab by saying that anyone who spoke Arabic as his native tongue and participated in the culture of the ¤Arabs was ¤Arab.

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