30- Second Politics: The 50 most thought-provoking theories by Steven L Taylor

By Steven L Taylor

You'll be happy with ordinary stuff like Conservatism and Democracy, yet do you actually comprehend what Patrimonialism is? And what approximately Oligarchy? Anarcho-syndicalism? Politics is, we're keen to guess, the main passionately argued-over material, and but what percentage people flounder round in confrontational debates simply because we haven't any grip on political thought, only a obscure inspiration that they're all out to get us? 30-Second Politics may also help dispel this fog distrust and paranoia. It demanding situations political theorists of all colours to come back up with no-frill, no-spin, tell-it-like-it-is motives of the 50 most vital political -isms, -archies, and -ocracies that experience pertained because the time of Periclean Athens. At no public price, the booklet explains each one political thought in not anything greater than pages, three hundred phrases, and a few propaganda-style imagery, for we know photograph chance is worthy 1000 phrases of lifeless interview.

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MONARCHY the 30-second politics Hereditary monarchs have existed throughout recorded history and historically claimed that their power to rule comes from God or some other divine source, even in societies that were not organized as theocracies. In practical terms, some monarchs have been so feared (or loved) that they could rule with absolute power over their subjects, while others have only been figureheads with real power shared with dukes, earls and princes. During the Napoleonic Wars, the French Emperor Napoleon I even installed ‘kings’ to govern several of the puppet states he established.

3-MINUTE MANIFESTO Class conflict exists in a number of guises – from the largely failed attempts to implement Marxism (in various forms) in Central and Eastern Europe, Cuba and East Asia, to more moderate efforts to create mixed economies. Even in countries most associated with capitalism, such as the United States, the right of labourers to organize collectively to promote their common interest – and thus to institutionalize ‘class conflict’ – is protected by law, although the relative strength of labour unions in capitalist societies has been in decline since the Second World War.

The word democracy derives from the two Greek words: demos (‘the people’) and kratos (‘to rule’). It is both a very ancient and very modern concept. Plato and Aristotle discussed democracy and both saw it as a problematic type of government in which the poor would use their numeric advantage to tear down the wealthy. Democracy as a viable form of government only came into existence in the late 1700s – early 1800s and did not come into full maturity until the 20th century, when universal voting rights for all citizens regardless of race, gender or income became the norm.

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